How to start your Level up Journey

Start your levelling up journey: 5 steps to becoming a high-value woman

Congratulations on choosing to start the journey to a better you – the woman who has levelled up and is living her dream life!

If you’re ready to start your levelling up journey but just need some guidance on how and where to start, follow the steps below to achieve your goals and become a high value woman.

Step 1: Know your why

To know your why, you need to ask yourself “why do you want to start your level up journey, what do you want to accomplish and how will this make you feel?”

The deeper you can go to answer these questions, the more likely you are to see the journey through and enjoy all of the rewards at the end.

To truly level up and live your dream life, it won’t always be a smooth and easy process.  It will require you to learn new things, address any limiting beliefs, and in some cases, it’ll feel like you need to change everything around and about you.

Step 2: Mindset is key

Most women who start their journey to become a woman who is classy, elegant and feminine, believe all they need to change is their appearance.  They believe that with a new hair cut and a fresh wardrobe that they’ll suddenly turn into the high value woman they’ve always wanted to be. Wrong! There is no shortcut or magic outfit that will immediately transform you into a high-value woman.

Your mindset actually plays an important role in allowing you to level up. After all, the only person who can help or hinder you, is YOU!

Changing or adapting your mindset isn’t an overnight fix and for some issues, for instance, self-esteem, confidence or even self-worth, it can take months or years to fully overcome.

This is why it’s important to start working on your mindset from the very beginning and push through any internal struggles you may have.

Perhaps you believe you don’t deserve to live a life filled with luxury and happiness, or maybe you think you’re not able to change because of your life experiences so far. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true.

You deserve a life filled with luxury, happiness and everything you desire!

Step 3: Expand on your knowledge

If you want to enter the high society and rub shoulders with the elite, it’s likely at some point you’ll have to speak to them.

To truly level up, this also extends to your conversations.  This doesn’t mean that all conversations need to be boring and only discuss politics or business.  Actually, quite the opposite, only speaking about business, money, politics or religion can give the wrong impression and even be seen as rude and impolite.

Read or watch the news so you at least have a basic grasp of current affairs.  Outside of this, educate yourself of topics that high society (and yourself) should be interested in.  This can be classic literature books, sports, art or upcoming designers.

Step 4: Work on your etiquette

Wherever you are on your level up journey, manners and etiquette will always be important.

Your goal should be to refine your skills so that whether you are entertaining or being entertained you know how to properly act at all occasions, from how to correctly use cutlery to how to elegantly get out of a car.

This is one area that really cannot be faked.  Sure you can buy an expensive outfit or have a professional style you to trick everyone into thinking your elegant and high-value, but you either have manners and etiquette, or you don’t.

Step 5: Create your plan

I know you might be thinking that it seems a little off ‘creating a plan’ as the last step, but I truly believe that until you know why you’re starting your level up journey, have started to address any mindset shifts you need to make and have brushed up on your manners and etiquette, you can’t really advance.

However, once you have begun to put the above steps in place, you can address and work on all the other areas which may need a bit more refinement.

Your plan to level up should include all areas of your life.  For each area ask yourself (and note down ) what your ultimate goal is for;

  1. Your appearance
  2. Personal finances
  3. Career / business
  4. Health and fitness
  5. Personal circumstances i.e. home / location where you live
  6. Personal relationships including family, friends, partner
  7. Hobbies and pastimes (i.e. where you hang out on a Friday night or how you spend your days off)

Once you know your perfect scenario for each area, you’ll be able to use this as a framework to see where any changes are needed and what your next step will be.

For example, if you dream of being a female entrepreneur with your own business and the ability to work from anywhere, you’ll need to start looking into different business ventures and how you can start your own business.

Finally: Invest in yourself

Invest in your mindset, education, appearance or wherever you need to.

You deserve to have everything you want and more and the universe is waiting to give it to you.

All you need to do is be willing to work and you will be rewarded.

And above all else, just take action!


All the best 🙂


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